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Ants, Rodents, Bees Pest Control

Long-term Ant Control

Ants, Rodents, Bees Santa Barbara Management Services

We provide recommendations for trimming vegetation away from structures and foundations to keep foundation dry. For exterior treatments (ant colonies are usually outside) we apply a perimeter foundation treatment. This treatment is fast drying and non track-able for humans and pets.

After this treatment and if necessary we will do an interior treatment with a bait gel (no spray). We pay careful attention to bees pollinating in the area. This is a fast acting treatment with long-term control and is usually an annual or semi-annual treatment.

Spider Control

We remove spiders and webs from target areas of structures. We will use a plant based product to treat exterior and interior upon request.

Structural Rodent Proofing & Rodent Control

We perform inspection to ensure the structure is properly rodent proofed. This includes performing minor structural proofing, screening and exclusion construction. We will trap rodents inside using humane traps. For exterior perimeter we install tamper-proof and low-profile bait stations. Your rodent control program can be adjusted to your specific concerns and needs.

Honey Bee Hives & Swarms, Hornets & Wasps

Bee Hives & Swarms, Hornets and Wasps Santa Barbara Pest Management

European Honey Bees are beneficial and all care should be taken to help preserve them. If you have a hive on your property we will work closely with local beekeepers to safely remove the hive and swarms. If possible we will remove wax and honey from structures so rogue bees won't return. For wasps, we remove their paper and mud nests and if necessary will spot treat. Ground hornets nests are located and then treated in the early hours of the morning when there is minimal activity.

And more

There is a wide assortment of insects and animals that can require special management techniques. Contact us for treatment options for fleas, cockroaches, bed bugs, mites & lice, earwigs, pantry pests (moths), silverfish, bird control, wildlife management and many more.

About Wildlife Trapping

Ants, Rodents, Bees Santa Barbara Management Services

We do not trap, relocate or euthanize wildlife. Trapping is not recommended in the Spring when there could be babies. We can assist with prevention and proofing methods. If needed a one-way door can be installed until the animal departs and then we seal up any points of entry. Removing attractants like pet food and wet landscaping which harbors grubs is recommended.

We do not treat for termites, gophers or moles which require a separate license.

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Chris is the real deal--reliable, knowledgeable, great sense of humor too. We had an infestation of wasps and had tried every single spray at the hardware store. Chris congratulated us on our efforts and assured us we'd done all we could have. Then he donned his beekeeper outfit, sprayed the little beasties, then caulked up all the holes and cracks they been using to get behind the fascia of our house. He came back three times just to make sure those wasps stayed gone.